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Using Task as Projects (so I can see multiple projects on one screen with one set of resources).

I know it has been mentioned as a feature request in some form or another, but what I need is a project manager that puts more focus on projects and resources, rather than every detail of a single project. As a designer and an owner, I don't have time to manage every little phase. I am more concerned with the overall project list, resources, and stages each project is in.

So my plan is to use OmniPlan in such a way that all my projects, about 15 to 30 at a time, are on the same page, use the same resources, and show a company workload overall. To do this, I was thinking of using Task as Projects. Indent within the Task to create separation as well as color changing. Does anyone with experience with OmniPlan see a problem with this idea?

In the future, multiple projects may be allowed on the same page, sharing the same resources, and assets, etc. But until then, I think this may work, just not sure and would hate to dive in, only to waste time.

I like Omni products UI and that alone should save me time and money, but am I making this great app do something it shouldn't?