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We've actually recommended this approach for several users, to share resources and schedules properly between projects, and have only heard about 2 concerns with this.
1) All your projects are in one big file, so you can't show the file to one customer without them seeing everything about all the other customers' projects too.
We're working on adding some filtering in an upcoming release, so then you'd be able to hide any part of your project temporarily.

2) There is only one file. So only one person can edit it at a time.
If this is a problem, there is a script on our extras page that takes two projects and merges them into one file. So you could have a separate project file for each of your project leads to edit and then merge them all into one file when you want to see the big picture.

I hope that real users will also respond to this thread, as I mostly just theorize about how people can and should use our applications.