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I am using this method of “Project as task” too, because I need to spread a pool of resources over several small projects too. And, as michaelatSPG noted it, I can’t specify some projects to start at an unspecified date—at least I now know that this is not something wrong with my knowledge, but only a shortcoming from the software. My hack is to set my unspecified projects on october 1 2007 — the first day I used the software.

Now, I have several kind of project, and I would like to classify them according to their kind. Using grouping is not a option, as it prevents me from using the Gantt diagram in a proper way. I tried with another software, using their otherwise unused (by me) “Alternative title” as a “kind” entry. So, I specify a project to be "rules", "scenario" or "background". When I need to know every “rules”, I sort the Alternative title column to have all “rules” close to each others—even Excel allows this.

Presently, under Omniplan, the closest I could find was using colours, mapping one colour to one kind. This is far from perfect, though. Any idea?