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I went to this page:

I clicked on "Download the latest Version" on the left below the language choices. This should download a PDF file. However, I see a mostly blank gray page. If I move my cursor over the gray on the left, the links from the page are revealed.

Ahhhh, the over-200-page document is being rendered in the browser. Now I remember that the default isn't to download any PDFs. This delay was not appropriate without some sort of feedback to the user. Maybe if a file is of a certain size or number of pages, OW should ask if you want it downloaded to a file.

I then used Control-click on the link to choose to download it as a file. That took several seconds, and when it was done, the download window reports that it was a 0 bytes download complete.

I saw that Control-clicking on the rendered version gave me a choice to open it in Preview.

I'd really like to go back to the old way of having a preference to download PDFs instead of rendering them in the browser window.

I apologize if we discussed this earlier here. The search function doesn't believe 'pdf' is a long enough word to search on. That's a matter for a different thread.