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I'm a paid Rhapsody subscriber. Player worked great in regular Safari, but it took some wrangling to get this working with SAFT & Safari. Based on that, I made sure my Rhapsody's site prefs in OW:

Blocked no animations (the Rhapsody Player plugin refreshes to show the running time of the current song)

Blocked no popup windows (both the signin window and the player are popups)

Used no userstyles.css sheet

When I go to the signin screen in OW, I see just a blank page. View source shows me a generic "You don't have the right OS" message.

I could get to Rhapsody's Signin screen in Safari, so I copied and saved the source from there. (And I've attached that file to this message.)

When I open that page in OW, it asks permission to fetch an "" keychain item(?!); when I permit this, my correct Rhapsody username & pword are filled in, but clicking the "Login" button doesn't do anything.
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