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There's something funny going on with my OF database. I sync OF between three Macs and an iPhone using mobileme. Sync works, but is slow on the iPhone. iPhone reports 167 zip files (!).

I turned off sync with all Macs, reset database on iPhone. I rebuilt the database on one Mac, and then turned syncing back on. I enabled sync on the phone. I did several syncs on the one mac and the phone without changing the contents of the database, but the number of zip files would only stay the same.

I had hoped this would let the number of zip files go down to something small, since the one computer and the phone would be perfectly in sync, with no other devices lagging. This didn't happen.

What am I missing?

Using OF 1.6 (not the sneakypeaks) and iPhone OF 1.2.2, so I think I'm using the latest release versions.
Arghh. My last sync just sent the number of zips to 219.