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Well, not if you had to spend part of your day working on Windows, you wouldn't :-)

If you:
  1. Open your outline in Word,
  2. run ReadTree
  3. choose File > Import > Active Word Outline from the ReadTree menu,

ReadTree will capture the word outline, and you can then choose:
  • File > Export > OmniOutliner 3,
  • or File > Save As (to .opml, also readable in OO3)

You are very welcome to try it.

Thanks, Rob, but I'm running into a problem.

I followed the instructions and when I try to import the Active Word Outline, I get the following error message - "This program needs to be run from the \Office folder of the Microsoft Office installation"

I click OK and the next error message is - "No outline present in Word"

The ReadTree program is in the same folder as MS Word. I have restarted both programs and get the same error.

I'm running MS Office 2008 ver 12.1.5 in Mac OS 10.5.8

What am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance,