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Oh ready... means... close, close... OO4 and iPhone app so close that i canīt wait for!
Though I share your anticipation for version 4, I don't believe Brian's "When we think it's ready" means "close" at all. OG started asking for input on OOP v4 features well over three years ago and the closest I've seen to a commitment from them is "we're considering feature 'X' in version 4".

I'm not trying to be negative - I still hold out hope for OOP, but my group has four major projects due in the next 22 months and we can't use OOP for them because it simply lacks many features that are 'basic' these days. By the time OO4 does see the light of day the new feature set will probably be one generation of 'basic' features behind other apps simply based on the development time. We've moved on and won't have the resources to move back to OOP if/when OOP v4 arrives.

At this rate I'd be happy to see OOP v4 in 2010 but not surprised if it was 2011. An iPhone version is probably looking at 2011 at the earliest. Though OG makes great software it seems that their development cycle moves at a glacial pace. Unfortunately users need to get things done now and we can't wait for OG to finish before we begin.