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Hello Omni,

At the studio I work at we have decided to look at (and start using) Omni Graffle Pro as our Wireframing and Designing tool for creating Interaction design and user interface documentation, moving away from Adobe Illustrator.

There are a couple of things that I want to ask about that I'm Struggling with or finding frustrating, I want to know if Im getting something wrong or if the feature isnt available.

Scaling of text

First thing is the Scaling of text. Frequently we will create wireframes at actual screen size on mobile, based on some fantastic stencil kits. this is great for looking at and specifying detailed wireframes.

Then, we put these into a flow to be able to document the user's journey when they carry out a task or fulfil a user story.

I just want to be able to select all> and then scale my screen down to a third of its size so I can fit a 4-5 screen flow on 1 canvas.

Text does not seem to scale, and my workaround (Exporting the selection and bringing back in) causes quality problems and also means its difficult to edit the document for subsequent revisions.

How do I scale font text? Is it possible? This is a bit of a killer for us right now and Im determined to solve, because I think Graffle could be the best option for our design documents. I love the tab feature, looking forward to getting that sorted so we can just tab around our docs to enter text.

Importing Shapes.
I'm Finding Graffle isn't good for drawing new elements, I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to get shapes out of Illustrator so they appear in graffle as separate elements, without copy and pasting one by one.
Stencil kits:

When Creating new stencils, How do I make the shape appear smaller in the stencil inspector than it is when it lands on the page. For example I have a kit with a HTC Hero Frame which is much smaller than when it appears on the page. I want to do this too with similar screen/phone sized frames.
Looking forward to getting involved with graffle more and seeing what it can do.