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Welcome to the wonderful world of OmniGraffle (I am just a contributor, no domain ownership intended).

1 Text Scaling
You might find this thread useful. Suggest you read the whole thread.

2 I'm Finding Graffle isn't good for drawing new elements
I find it brilliant for drawing new elements. In fact, I found drawing new elements, complex objects, creating stencils, etc much easier in OG; you get to specify far more (eg. magnets) and end up with cleaner elements and objects. I abandoned Illustrator about five years ago.

3 Stencil Magnification
The magnification that the stencil is rendered in is that which is set when the Stencil is saved. Grab a stencil, and edit it (if it is one of the "master" stencils, OG will automatically copy it; you can also Stencil/New. Change the objects, set the magnification, and save. The stencil shown as a stencil (rather than the Edit doc) is proportionately smaller to the Edit doc, and the magnification that the stencil was saved as.

A word of advice. Stencils are great, and there are thousands of them. The main and common problem with them is, they do not reasonably qualify as stencils, they are just drawings. For stencils to be useful as stencils:
the objects must be carefully drawn
relative object sizes must be correct
magnets must be relevant to the type of drawing
grid alignment must be carefully thought out and set
and standards that apply to the type of drawing must be implemented in the stencil.
So choose your stencils carefully, and after your have gained some experience fixing problems with the stencil objects, edit the stencil and make your own.


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