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The first go-through with mind-dumping will always be the longest. Everything and anything that you want to capture will take a while depending on how much stuff you want to capture.

I think part of my problem of adopting OmniFocus was my personal workflow part. There are just so many ways to use OF.

You can use it exclusively in project perspective mode to keep track of all your projects and its subtasks. Or you can finally utilize the context perspective mode. There are a couple of people I know who don't even bother with context mode and stay in project mode.

Check out the free screencasts to help with the learning curve:

There is the OmniFocus Basics, Advanced OmniFocus + iPhone, and OmniFocus for the iPad. The more time you invest in learning how to drive OF, the better you'll get at it.

Like pjb, I had to discover my own personal workflow. My OF setup from 1 year ago has evolved into something a little different. My OF structure with different folders and different contexts were also changed as a I got the hang of things.

Personally I bought OF for the iPad and it made a world of difference. Hopefully OF 2.0 will adopt some of the UI improvements from the iPad version.