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I agree about Things. It's a really nice looking program but whenever I download it to try it out, I just keep coming back to OF. It seems like Things development have slowed to a crawl. I've pretty much given up on Things and just stuck to OF. I'm really not in the mood to export and import my projects/tasks from one program to another.

Things can work for some people who don't need OF's firepower but missing sequential and parallel projects just doesn't cut it. I believe that Things and OF will leapfrog each other much like other programs. I remembered the Dreamweaver vs. GoLive competition. There is also the Parallels vs. Fusion leapfrog game. Then there is the Windows vs. Mac comparisons. Each competitor will offer pro's and con's. When one program offers a new set of features, the other will match it and then add some new unique features. Then the game repeats itself again.

It just seems that OF for the iOS devices and Mac just seems to surpass Things by leaps and bounds.

OF was tough to get into. As well as using OF, I was encountering the same problem as any GTD person - falling off the GTD bandwagon and then getting back on when my life turns crazy.

As for working in a Windows environment, I think that investing in an iPad and getting OF for the iPad has made all the difference for me.

I'm just looking forward to OF 2.0 and seeing a new user interface.....