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I'm also someone who uses Windows at work and I'm having a bugger of a time integrating OF into my daily workflow.

While nice, entering information into the iPad is a bit of a kludge. I guess I could get a keyboard, but using the touch screen is a recipe for wasting time. The biggest issue I have is that I work with Outlook a lot and often need to act on things from e-mail. Sure, I could have OF for "everything else" and Outlook tasks for e-mails, but so much of my work life is tied to e-mail that I'm not sure how to approach it.

Quickly entering information from my Windows machine for it to appear on my OF (which is synced via WebDAV) would be ideal. Even if it's just entering a quick task into my inbox, I can sort it later during my daily reviews.

So I guess that begs the question.. Any quick way to "send to OF" from Outlook on Windows?