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Yes I was using the Finder measurement for the package size, but he underlying data size was growing rapidly:

Day 1 - 86k (78k worth)
Day 2 - 864k (266k worth)
Day 3 - 2.7MB (681k worth)

I even have one backup showing 9.3MB which contains (2.2MB of data within.)

Thank you for the explanation on how the zip files corresponds to the changes and how they get purged.

But after an hour, every change I make increases the zip file count and it never goes down. I've quit OmniFocus several time, forced numerous sync's etc.

The zip file count never goes down, until I unregister the iPhone, rebuild the OmniFocus database and sync again.

Then it starts anew.

And at 4k per change -- I can make the file big again real quick.

My database is about 128 projects/448 actions.