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First thing I would try would be to delete the iPhone app, reinstall it (as you did earlier), and let the iPhone try to sync and just be patient -- it might take several minutes. I haven't ever seen it hang forever during a sync, but sometimes it will take a long time, especially if it is compacting a large database.

If you are convinced that isn't working, then I would go sync both the MacBook and the iMac. Be sure that both synced successfully. Then, choose one of them to be your "master" machine. Quit OmniFocus on the other machine. On the "master" machine, go to the preferences menu in OmniFocus, select the Sync section, and show the sync clients. You will unregister all of the clients except the "master" machine. After you do that, under the File menu the Compact Database option should now be available (if not, set the sync method to None on the preferences page and try again). Use the File->Compact Database command to compact your database. Now turn syncing back on, and do a sync. That should put your new database out on the sync server. Now start up OmniFocus on the other machine and have it do a sync. If asked, you want to use the server's copy of the database, not the local one. Finally, delete OmniFocus from the iPhone and reinstall it, then set it up to sync. It should have no difficulty syncing.