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It looks as if VBA may not, in the end, have made it into Outlook 2011.
Not this time either...? Incredible. I suppose Microsoft thinks that will make Mac users convert to Windows at least for work. My reaction is, however, that I will probably never even consider Office 2011... I have Office 2008, but the continuous database daemon's clogging of the system makes me avoid using it unless I have to for collaborative reasons.

PeterRHawkes has a point: Mac has hardly any obvious, ready-made productivity suite alternative - baked into a single UI - but I must say I prefer to live with my Mail/iCal/Address Book/Omnifocus/Devonthink-combination (with additional tools such as Omnioutliner and Novamind). After the miserable performance of Office 2008 on my system, it takes more than Outlook 2011 to convince me.