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There is a pretty easy way of doing this without leaving the iPad - using OmniFocus Mail Drop.

You will need to set up OmniFocus Mail Drop and have an Omni Sync Server Account too.

See the Sticky at the top of the "Syncing via Omni Sync Server"
(sorry I can't post a link)

In a nutshell you send an email to your unique OmniFocus email address. Then sync Omnifocus and the email will become an action in your inbox - the Subject of the email is the name of the action, anything in the body of the email will be the note of the action, and here is the killer for you - any attachments on the email will be attached to the action.

This works with images, PDF, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, Documents, Good Reader, PDF Apps, Drop Box etc, etc - pretty much all decent apps have a "Send By Email" button.

The other total joy of OmniFocus Mail Drop is it closes the loop for those of us who have to work on a PC in the Office.

Hope that helps.