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I'm sorry for the trouble here, guys. Can you do me the favor of trying the following, then sending the results in an email to

We'll take a look at that information and try to determine what's going on here.
  1. Open your Applications folder, then the Utilities folder it contains.
  2. Launch the application named Terminal
  3. Paste the next two lines into the Terminal window, hitting Return after each.
    cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus.ofocus
    /bin/ls -C1
  4. copy and paste the results of the second command into an email and send it to the address I linked above.

I may not be the person that reads that email, so briefly describe your problem and/or point the support ninja at this thread. We'll use that info to try and determine what's going on here.

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.