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When I'm viewing by a particular context, I want only the due/overdue items and Next items in a series to show. It seems, however, that I can only do one or the other. If I select "Due Soon" it shows me due/overdue items and, but does not show next items that are not assigned a due date. If I choose "Next Action," I can see due/overdue and next action items including those which are not part of a series. This is very annoying because I see many repeating items such as "pay credit card bill" which though technically is a "next" item. is not next in a project.

Is there anyway to see only due/overdue and next items that are part of a project? Thanks in advance.
The "Due" and "Due or Flagged" perspectives are only available in context views for now. So I don't believe there's a way to do what you want, no.

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