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'Due Soon' is available in project mode.

I'm not following you here. What is a series? And how is something technically a "next" item but not next in a project? If you have a parallel project, you may have multiple next actions, but only the first will be shown. If you have a single-action list, everything will be a next action, and they will all be shown, because they are assumed to be independent (with the parallel project, the first item is assumed to be the most important because it is first).
I have some items like "take garbage out" as a repetable action. I don't Want to see this until the due date is approaching but if I use the "next" filter it does show because technically it is next since it's a single action in the "various single actions" project.

Some of my single actions are not assigned a due date because I want to do them as soon as I am at the relevant context. It, however, I switch the status filter to "due" so that the "next" single actions that aren't due yet don't show, it also filters out the single actions with no due date that I want to do asap. I hope this clarifies my dillema. Thanks.