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That's a good point, and a practice I follow, too. The only thing I would add is that you want to be sure to check the parent context as well as the more specific child context. If I'm at Home Depot to buy some item only available there (listed in my Errands:Hardware Store:Home Depot context), I should also check the more general Errands:Hardware Store context to see if there's anything else to get that doesn't have to be gotten at Home Depot, but can be.

Unfortunately, unless you want to make some extra contexts, this doesn't provide a solution for grouping a subset of the child contexts, like if you wanted to show an item as being available at Home Depot OR Lowe's but not at the typical small neighborhood hardware store. Fortunately, contexts are cheap, and you can make a Errands:Hardware Store:Lowes or Home Depot right next to the others and delete it if/when it outlives its usefulness. The iPhone's business search for context locations plays along readily, too.