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Been using this for a few more weeks. It's great. Haven't really scratched the surface on the date logic stuff, but the parts I do really lower friction for me.

I did have one thought, though. Most of my templates are what I would call project templates. But I do have a couple that are actually more accurately referred to as task-chain templates (or I suppose sub-projects).

One example would be a template called review document. It contains a set of steps that I use when I review a document (e.g., a contract). So the chain might be:

Review $Name
Draft comments on $Name
Transmit comments on $Name to $PersonName
Receive feedback on $Name comments from $PersonName
Respond to $PersonName comments on $Name
Receive response comments from $PersonName on $Name
Finalize draft of $Name

When I actuate your script, it prompts me for the name of the document and the name of the person who I need to communicate with about the document.

Without your script, there are a lot of situations where I probably would not take the time to enter all these items, because the friction would be too great. But your script makes it very easy to do.

Nevertheless, in my current workflow, I need to create an instance of this template and send it to the folder I've chosen. Then, I need to manually drag it into the project where it will live.

I wonder if it would make sense to create class of template called task-chain or something like that. If that flag is in the project notes field of the template, then when the applescript is run, it would prompt the user and ask them which project they want to put the finished template into (or even more ideally where exactly in the order of the project it should be inserted).

It's a not a big thing, but I do think that at least for me, the less friction I have in entering these kinds of chains into OF, the more likely I am to do it. Otherwise, it's easy to just decide that it isn't worth the effort. And if stuff isn't in OF, then OF can't really help you keep track of it.

Especially on stuff where the review cycle may play out over a couple of days or weeks, having it in OF can be helpful, because then when you do a review and look at your Waiting For context, there will be an entry there showing that you're still waiting to hear back from somebody.