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Another small script: Inbox notifier. I often forget that I got something in my inbox by a sync with iSync from my mobile. This script will check for old tasks (creation date > 24 hours ago) and then displays a Growl message:

on notify(theDescription)
	tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
		set the allNotificationsList to {"Inbox not empty"}
		set the enabledNotificationsList to {"Inbox not empty"}
		register as application 
			"OmniFocus Inbox Notifier" all notifications allNotificationsList 
			default notifications enabledNotificationsList 
			icon of application "OmniFocus"
		notify with name 
			"Inbox not empty" title 
			"Inbox not empty" description 
			theDescription application name "OmniFocus Inbox Notifier" with sticky
	end tell
end notify

tell front document of application "OmniFocus"
	set oldTasks to inbox tasks whose its creation date < (current date) - 3600 * 24
	set inboxCount to count of oldTasks
	if inboxCount > 0 then
		if inboxCount > 1 then
			my notify((inboxCount as string) & " tasks are waiting.")
			my notify((inboxCount as string) & " task is waiting.")
		end if
	end if
end tell
I let it run once a day via an recurring iCal event.