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Hi, folks, I wonder if anyone can help me with a really simple question about tasks, dependencies, and projects as a whole.

I have a project with over 100 tasks. All the dependencies are set up (most everything is dependent) and I have already Set [the] Baseline. We're about 1 week into the project.

OK, so there's a task coming up that was scheduled for 1 day, but now I've learned it will take 2 days. If I drag and drop the right side of the task to length it to the proper (new) duration/effort, I get the violation symbol on the very next task--so I click through to OK fixing it, but then get the violation symbol on the *next* task; and so on, and so on. How do I get the entire rest of the project--all of which are dependent tasks--to shift a day over automatically?

Thanks for any info!

--Sandy Santra