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I can't figure out why my Omnigraffle files are so huge... and I can't see any obvious settings to look for...

Current Doc:
8 pages, mostly text.
No gradients, no shadows (thinking this might make files unwieldy?).
1 large JPG, but that's set to "link to image file" so I'd assume it's not "in the file"
4 screen shots, nothing over 100 k...

And yet, my file is 2.5 MB!

I have this issue all the time with Omni: JUST HUGE, HUGE FILES when I convert to PDF or even just save them native. Nothing unusual about paper size, and everything looks fine when printed/sent/no complaints

But this is a huge big pain. I can't just mail anything but the simplest docs to the client. It is causing me a lot of stress and have to think of work around to deliver files I'd certainly expect to just send, sometimes at a mad scramble, for example posting to to FTP to share, or even breaking my docs apart...and I've never had a document longer than 30 pages.

I feel like I am missing something obvious...