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And yet, my file is 2.5 MB!
... I have this issue all the time with Omni: JUST HUGE, HUGE FILES ... I can't just mail anything but the simplest docs to the client. It is causing me a lot of stress and have to think of work around to deliver files I'd certainly expect to just send, sometimes at a mad scramble, for example posting to to FTP to share, or even breaking my docs apart...and I've never had a document longer than 30 pages.

I feel like I am missing something obvious...
I can't help wondering whether you are not attacking the wrong end of the problem. Gmail to Gmail attachments can now be up to 25 Mb, but file sizes for all kinds of application are generally getting bigger (is it just me, or does 2.5 Mb not seem particularly large ?).

Email attachments, which are in any case not secure, are really ceasing to be the default way of sharing files in a professional context. (For a start you can never predict how full an addressee's inbox will be).

Much easier to email a URL, and perhaps share a password with your client, than to pull your hair out with procrustean schemes for artificial constraint of file size ... (Sooner or later a file will always be too big for some ceiling imposed by your email service)

(This may also be better for the client. They get to choose when and if to download your files. If they come in by mail, the client's email service may be involuntarily slowed down by large file transfers at a time over which they have limited control.)

There are a lot of options which are very quick and easy to use in a rush, from DropBox and to more specialised services. I would begin by researching these, maybe starting with a simple google search like large files send url


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