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It doesn't on my machine. The OF app is activated, but the task is not selected. It would be far more useful if the task was selected. I suspect this might be an oversight or bug in the program.
Hmm, I believe you, but I can't seem to reproduce this here. For a moment I thought maybe it was a bug where the default perspective might be filtering out the action you were trying to open, but in my quick tests OmniFocus seems to correctly change the filter state to include that action in the new window. (Then I thought maybe it was that I'm using the sneaky peeks of version 1.1 and perhaps we'd fixed it, but I just went back and tested in 1.0.3 and that worked for me there, too.)

Anyway, if it's not behaving properly for you then it's definitely a bug: could you report it to our OmniFocus support ninjas at They'll be able to look into the problem in more depth.