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You and I have been dear friends for almost a decade. I met you when I met Mac OS X. We became fast friends and, over the years, have been inseparable. Recently, I stopped bringing you to work, reserving you for home time only. But now, with a tear, I must bid you goodbye. The simple truth is that I find myself making too many excuses on your behalf. There are too many things you simply won't do (most recently, and importantly, the new Google Maps and the top replacement for Google Reader, named Feedly).

If the good OmniGroup folk give you a new and more capable version someday, please drop on by, I'd love to rekindle our relationship. But, for now, you'll no longer have a spot on my Dock. Your brethren, OmniGraffle and OmniPlan, still hold a special place in my heart, but you must go.

I hope that Safari is as good a friend to me as you have been.