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Thanks for the response.

An important rule for designing consumer apps: Build your app for how people actually behave, not for how you think they should behave.

A corollary to this rule is that, except for very rare exceptions, any application which relies on users changing their behavior (or "acquiring" a "habit") is doomed, regardless of its other merits.

I have the time and inclination to poll one app and one app only, and that is email. Even then I rely on it to notify me when there is something new. I'm simply not going to poll OmniFocus, why should I need to remember to consult it, when it can so easily remind me of when things need to happen?

I'm not suggesting that these notifications can't be turned off by people who don't want them, but they should definitely be available to those that do.

If Omni is only interested in selling OF to loyal acolytes of the GTD doctrine, then they should listen to you and ignore me. If they are interested in selling to the rest of us, they should consider my experience, because I don't think I'm an isolated case.

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