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I propose a functionality that allows users to select multiple actions and manipulate some of their parameters at once, mainly context, project and starting/due dates.

I just yesterday had the situation that I entered numerous things I want to do in a new project, into the inbox. We had a meeting and came up with the project idea and then with some actions that belong to that project. I entered the actions into the inbox.

Later I wanted to process the actions, sort them to the new project (which had yet to be created). I had to assign them all one by one which took more time than necessary. I know that I could have created the project first and then directly added tasks but I did not know it would become a project of its own before I had entered quite some of the tasks. Furthermore this requested feature would be practical for other cases of use, for example transferring multiple tasks from one project to another. Or from one context to another, say, you delegated some work to a colleague and so you set five tasks to "waiting for...".

I have something in mind that works like selecting multiple pieces in giraffe for iPad. Tap and hold a tasks, tap more to add them to the group. Upon release you get the toolbox-popup in which you can select an entry "multiedit". Tapping that brings up the standard task-manipulation window. Such parameters that can not be altered for multiple tasks at once (like name) are grayed out.