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So if I put a "Start Date" on the action, OF will see it as "off limits" until that start date?

You can understand my frustration...imagine you have a reminder to buy X-Mas presents on Dec 15th,...but every time you drive by the mall from June thru Dec 15th, OF is be-bonging you with a reminder.
OmniFocus doesn't do reminders to do something on a certain date, it does reminders to do something by a certain date. Start date is the earliest date you can work on something, or the earliest you want to be shown something. Due date is the date by which it must be completed. The idea isn't to schedule your life with OmniFocus it isn't a calendar. Rather, it keeps track of tasks that may not have a fixed time when they must be done, but they need to get done and perhaps by a certain date. That's not to say that you can't assign start and due dates as if they were start and end, but that's sort of like using a screwdriver as a chisel, or vice versa it works, after a fashion, but you can get better results using the tool the proper way.

And yes, OmniFocus only gives location notifications for available actions, so if the action has a future start date, or isn't the first uncompleted action in a sequence, or is assigned a context (or project) which is on hold (or dropped), or is in a project or action group which has a future start date, you won't get a notification.