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... I already use the context for where I am or was tool is available (such as mac, home, errands, phone, etc.). When you mean by context do you mean another context or a context within these contexts?
At one point, I had contexts for location, tool, output/energy, and people in a format by example below.

- home
- work
- errands

- computer
- phone
- iPod

- fish
- cook
- eat
- play

- someone
- colleague
- family

The symbols ✄, ☀, and ☞ can be found under the Edit : Special Characters menu option. They served as top level to the sub-contexts that follow.

FWIW, my current context list has completed eliminated the output/energy group and uses only location, tool, and people contexts. My processing has been better when my tasks are filtered by due date and/or (location / tool / people) context. These are invariant parameters for a given task, whereas my energy or focus level can usually be set beforehand by an appropriate amount of coffee, exercise, de-stress time, music, jellybeans, ...

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I also use the estimation time for time ...
I assume Omnifocus has no specific tool for that? (energy)
Unfortunately, OF has no other methods that I know to prioritize or tag tasks by energy needed.