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I have been attempting to import a Visio 2010 VSD into OG Pro. Although there are sometimes some subtle spacing issues overall it has been fairly successful.

However, what I've noticed is that OG has substituted my use of Calibri and Arial Narrow to Helvetica. Just plain old Helvetica... which means I then have to tweak and re-size every single shape on the diagram whenever I do this import.

(What I'm trying to do is work on a tabloid-sized diagram at work using Visio and at home using OG Pro, then back again. I lack a Windows PC + Visio licence at home... nor do I want one!)

The annoying thing is that I have Microsoft Office 2011 installed on my Mac... which provides standard Office fonts including... Calibri and Arial Narrow!

So, to recap... importing a Visio VSD leveraging Office fonts results in OG Pro substituting Helvetica, even though those same Office fonts are installed but are seemingly ignored.

Are there any settings either within OG or outside of it that I can tweak to remove this undesired font substitution? Otherwise the Visio import feature of Pro is useless to me if I have to spend a good chunk of an hour just fixing all of the font references each time I import the latest revision.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance