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Just submitted this - probably a little close to the 1.0 launch to be making requests, but I figured it was worth tossing out there. Any thoughts from the ether?

Here's a quick request:

Could you possibly allow each item entry to have its own rich text options?

I think that being able to bold certain entries, or change their relative
font size, would really help inject some personality into my to do lists. I
could probably improve my perspectives to keep my attention on what I want
to see when, but this could help me tag my entries on the fly (especially
helpful when printing out a relatively long daily list).

My eyes tend to glaze over my relatively flat list of look-a-like entries.
And looking at a 32pt font DON'T FORGET MILK in my errands list will make
sure I attend to it sooner than flagging. And give it more of a paper-like
feel than most GTD apps.

Hopefully this would be relatively straightforward to implement - it just
seems to me a great simple way to greatly strengthen my inappropriate love
for OF.