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Sorry for the delay! We've had many thousands of new customers start using OmniFocus over the last few weeks, and lots of them have had feedback for us, overwhelming our support ninjas: they were answering lots of messages each day, but it was like trying to swim upstream against a raging torrent—they were still falling behind about a hundred messages each day.

We had a brief all-company meeting a few days ago to try to figure out a solution, and people from every department offered to pitch in and help. We're making definite forward progress now—we've gone from a 1,200 message backlog to under 850—so hopefully we'll get to your messages soon!

As for the actual question in your message, that 75% mark is where we switch over from loading transactions to computing all the relationships between the tasks. Unfortunately, that process can be slow at the moment; we've thought of some performance improvements we could try to make, but decided it would be too destabilizing to introduce until we have time to test it carefully.

If it's actually exiting rather than just being slow, though, then that sounds like we might be running out of memory or hitting some sort of crashing bug in our loading code. Could you look for OmniFocus crash reports in your Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice folder (after attaching your device to iTunes) and attach them to your ticket? That would be quite helpful!