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IMHO the current advisory note which suggests using contexts called something like "on hold" or "awaiting action" is the cuase of some unintended problems. As I understand from the GTD book a context is a resource. However, on hold or due from others is really a status

I'd like to see Omni focus add another field called for want of a better name "Status" which would allow settings such as active, on hold, awaiting response from others to be set. (On hold is different from awaiting from others)

All actions have contexts irrespective of their status. To have to change a resource overlooks serendipidous opportunities to follow up say with co-workers "what happened to the x I sent you" when communicating with them which cannot occur of the context is "hold" or "due from others"

Regarding the status field, if you allow them to be user defined they will be more useful and I assume can re-use the same code for context with minor changes to report.