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What control do I have over the review? In other words how can I see which projects I review and when?
Over the time my db grew to a considerably large number of projects and I seem to have lost the idea when I set to review each particular project and the idea behind gtd is to have the system you can fully trust, well I don't trust that review feature in omnifocus any more. I looked through this forum and read people praising this functionality, may be the problem is I just can't use it properly. Btw, I don't have Mac.
Is there a way to review the review and see when things have to be reviewed and set that review for a particular day of the week, say Saturday evening?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Ps I love omnifocus, have tried many, but this one is definitely superior. Some things are not clear, though, such as seeing paths in contexts. I saw a thread about that, but saw no solution. I have several projects with "print" subprojects and then in the context "printer" view I can't figure out where the documents come from. Clicking out of the context into the project, adding abbreviations, or clicking email button to see the full path is hardly a workaround, just a waste of time and effort