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But now I must be honest and say that I am VERY disappointed in Omni because nothing has happened yet for OO and the iPhone. OO for the iPhone appears to be nothing more than a vapor-app. The iPad has become the apple of your eye even though it has a far, far fewer customer base than the iPhone.

By asking the original question and getting an overwhelmingly positive response from long-time users, Omni encouraged and set the expectation of something to come...and so we waited and waited and waited. But by NOT fulfilling the very expectations that you encouraged, you damaged your own reputation (which to this point has been very positive for me) and proven yourselves to be untrustworthy.
I think you need to go read the original post again, and this time read what it actually says instead of what you want it to say! No promise was made to ever deliver OmniOutliner for iPhone. We were asked for input on what features would be needed to make it useful, should it be developed. I personally would love OmniOutliner on my iPod or iPad, even just a minimal version that would let me view documents and check off lists, and have even contemplated investing the effort to write my own application to do so, so I think I can safely be considered an interested party. As much as I would like to see such an app, I don't feel at all that Omni has been stringing me along or promising something they have no plans to deliver, and if you honestly feel they have done so, I would like to know where they did so, so that I can ask them why they haven't delivered yet!