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As an iPad owner for nearly two months at this point, and a heavy user of OmniFocus on the iPod for more than a year, my take on the right course of action is a bit different, I'm afraid. I very much would like the ability to simply view existing OO files on my iPod or iPad, but by comparison to what an iPad version of OO should be like (based on my experience with OmniGraffle on the iPad), an iPhone version that attempts to do much more than be a simple text viewer is going to be nearly as frustrating as an iPhone version of OmniGraffle, and will divert resources away from the OO projects which will bring in substantial revenue, namely OO 4.0 for the desktop and the iPad. I would probably still buy a scaled down OO for iPod/iPhone, even with a real iPad app already in hand, but I think it would be a mistake to not do the iPad app first. The current customers who haven't found anything else yet are still likely to be there, but allowing all-new iPad customers to be snatched up by some other vendor means losing not only the OO iPad app sale, but likely any sale of other Omni products.