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I've owned OmniFocus for a few months, and have been playing the OmniOutliner for about a week (trial version). As an iPhone user, I find the ability to have access to certain applications on both the Mac and iPhone to be indispensable, and OmniOutliner is one such application. In other words, if I don't feel confident that I will have OO for the iPhone, I would end up using something else (I found myself making outlines within OmniFocus...).

I absolutely do not expect the Mac and iPhone functionality to be the same (it is not the same with OF, and it's perfectly fine). Especially with the iPhone limited screen real estate, I expect any kind of text editing to be as simple (and useable) as possible.

So, all I would expect from an iPhone version of OO would be:

1. View files I create on the Mac
2. Basic editing - changing text, adding removing columns
3. Basic file creation - adding and removing columns, selecting column types (things like colors and font format change is not necessary)
4. Ability to sync with the files I create on the Mac.