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I was the first to post to this thread about my desire and NEED for OO for the iPhone. I completely understand the need of Omni may not be the same as my need AND I have been a long time supporter of Omni -- buying and using every product available. In the past I've found Omni to be a quality company with a quick turnaround time in software development. But after 21 months of teasing us with OO for the iPhone, I now consider this product as vaporware. I have on several occasions emailed my desire for OO in addition to this forum and not once has Omni replied -- even to say they can't comment. Sad to say, but I doubt that OO for the iPhone will ever see the light of day and even if it does, Omni has lost the competitive advantage in the outliner software as others have quickly filled the gap. Most of the high end users have already committed to other software (certainly not as good as OO for the Mac) and now it may be too late to transfer back to our beloved OO. R.I.P. OO for iPhone :(