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But after 21 months of teasing us with OO for the iPhone, I now consider this product as vaporware.
What product? I haven't seen anyone from Omni *ever* say that they are doing OO for the iPhone, or even that they are definitely going to do it in the future. Look at Derek's words in the opening post in this thread:

Originally Posted by DerekM
We have been strongly considering developing OmniOutliner for the iPhone and we may very well do so in the future.
They considered it when they started developing for the iPhone (they would have been fools not to), and as best I can tell, decided that their efforts were better spent on OO4 due to the limitations of the small screen. When the iPad came along, they suddenly had a platform not nearly so limiting, and they decided that OO for the iPad was something worth doing (in addition to OO4) and are doing so. OO for the iPhone would be yet another UX design, and Ken posted on the blog the other day that that's the hard part, and they don't have any plans to do OO for iPhone before all the promised iPad applications have shipped (one of which they haven't really started), at which point they may consider it. You can read his post (and comments) here:

I'm no marketing expert, but the usual drill with vaporware marketing seems to be to repeatedly say "we're building X, it's going to be great, should be here real soon", not to repeatedly say "we're too busy with Y and Z to do that now, but maybe later when we are done with Y and Z..." Maybe Omni just doesn't understand how to do vaporware properly :-)