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I discovered two HUGE updated-every-minute OmniFocus Web Support log files while investigating why Time Machine had so much to backup, even when I was away from my Mac:
  • production-stdout
  • production-stderr
My log files had grown to 9.5 GB.

[TRE-EDRE's handy Back-in-Time utility enhances Time Machine's features, including the ability to see which files were backed up on a selected run.]

Since the Web interface has been discontinued, deleting the related Application Support files from your Time Machine backups can free up a LOT of space -- in my case, I got back 498 GB:
  1. Turn Time Machine off temporarily.
  2. Open your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/ folder.
  3. Enter Time Machine.
  4. Right-click on the Web Interface folder and select Delete All Backups of "Web Interface".
  5. Exit Time Machine.
  6. To keep these files from reappearing, see Brian's instructions on disabling the Web Interface.
  7. After restarting, trash the Web Interface support folder.
  8. Turn Time Machine back on.
I wish I had discovered this several days ago when Time Machine started reported its backup disk was full and it was discarding the oldest backups.

-- Ward