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Another point worth considering is that just because you can work on something doesn't necessarily mean that you must do so right now. You may have 37 things available in the @Work context right now, but scattered over a dozen projects. You might not need to make progress on each of those projects every day. If that is the case, you can temporarily put some of them out of sight and mind by selecting a group of one or more projects and using the Focus command to narrow your view to just those projects. At that point, you can flip the window over into the Context mode view and work as normally, except without the overwhelming quantity of tasks staring you down. This tactic allows you to have a more manageable workload without having to actually change your data around by subdividing contexts or anything like that. When you have completed all of those tasks, or you want to rebuild the list, you just use the Show All command to undo the Focus and you're back to seeing everything. And of course if you find yourself building up the same window time after time, you can use the Perspectives feature to give you one click access to it.