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My notes go into Notational Velocity on the desktop and SimpleNote on the iPhone/iPad. All are synced through SimpleNote's web service. I'm looking forward to the iPad version of OmniOutliner, but it's going to have to have very nice syncing abilities to get me out of SimpleNote.

My workflow is probably a bit different than yours. I only throw actionable projects and tasks at OF. Brain dumps to me are a collecting activity; extracting actionable items from the brain dump is a clarifying activity (Allen called this "processing" in GTD, but renamed it "clarifying" in Making It All Work.) I brain dump to either paper or SimpleNote, then sort through the results to decide what actions need to be added to OF. I have steps in my weekly/monthly review checklists to review notes, so don't need the notes in OF to remember to review them.

For me, this firm division between collecting and clarifying is essential. Without it, I resist capturing everything when I don't yet know what I want to do with it. I can be more disciplined at separating collecting and clarifying by not using OF for brain dumps. I don't mean to imply that this is the "right" way to handle this, but thought I'd offer it in case you're interested in trying it. (And process change or not, take a look at SimpleNoteŚlightning fast, bare bones, does one thing and does it extremely well.)