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In case anyone is still having trouble w/ this error:

I got the "No root can reach all tail transactions" problem a few days ago. I regularly sync via Bonjour from my laptop to my iPhone and decided to try adding my desktop to the mix. As soon as I tried to sync from the desktop I got the error. Then when I tried to sync the iPhone, the error appeared on the iPhone.

I'm up to date on all devices, yet the error was not resolved automatically.

I ran the script manually and got this error:

"Unable to automatically repair database, multiple roots have descendents"

So, I see that there's something else going on but I couldn't find a resolution to this anywhere on the forum. I'm guessing the script just doesn't have a way of determining how to resolve the branching.

I finally got sync working by resetting the iPhone db, turning sync in OF off and then on (no restart necessary), and then syncing to the iPhone.


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