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I've started using the notes feature in OF, which I gotta say I love. But feel that i'll only use them all the time if I can always see my notes. LAtely i've had to go under edit and "toogle all notes" or use the keyboard shortcut. But i'd really like to just have notes on all the time, this includes when first opening up OF and seeing notes in whichever perspective I may be in.

I feel notes is great since for the longest time pretty much wrote instructions for my actions in the title/subject line of the NA. With notes I see myself rewriting actions steps more easily such as "Clean bedroom" and under notes writing out instructions for getting supplies from under the sink, towels to wipe mirrors, etc.

Implementing this will have my OF filled with clean simple task names and insturctions in the notes, rather than one long sentence for eahc next action; it's just how I write things out. Take a look.

Second note, I want to get an iPod Touch soon and obviously OF on it...but am wondering if Notes work well on the iPod Touch. Since I don't have an iPod Touch yet I can't really test things around but want am guessing that if I implement my OF on my Mac filled with simpler action titles with notes under each one, if these action titles and notes will work well under the native iphone app.
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