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I'm using OmniOutliner 1.2.1 (03/15/2012 released version) for iPad.

For working a doc between Mac and iPad, I decided to use my personal WebDAV which is provided by a web hosting company.

I have been using the WebDAV for a long time, and I've been using OmniFocus for syncing data with the personal WebDAV, and there is no problem.

Today, I start to use OmniOutliner and try to download a doc from the WebDAV, it cannot retrieve data at all. I am able to see that it is able to browse directories and I could select one of them, but when I click the item I want to download, the Outliner for iPad complains that it cannot download and ask me if the server name, user id and password is correct. If one of them is incorrect, I even cannot browse anything.

So, my opinion on the OmniOutliner for iPad has a bug on downloading a file from WebDAV.

For your information, the WebDAV uses SSL http connection (https) with a port number.

Again, I have no problem to use the WebDAV with OmniFocus for Mac and iPad, and even OmniOutliner for Mac. Only OmniOutliner cannot get the data even though it can browse a directory.

Please, help me out how I can get through this situation. Waiting for OmiGroup's fix?