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Copy/Paste works well for pasting within 003, but there are a couple of problems with pasting indented text from 003:
  1. Wrapped lines are broken (LF inserted at the wrap), and
  2. indents are translated to spaces rather than tabs.

Would it be possible (in OO4, for example) for the text content of the pasteboard not to break wrapped lines (inserting LF) when we copy OO3 outlines ?

This would then make it possible to solve problem 2. above using something like Keyboard Maestro assignments to modify the copied text before it is pasted, with bash lines like:
pbpaste | unexpand -a -t 4 | pbcopy
(to translate the sequence of 4 spaces into tabs) or

pbpaste | unexpand -a -t 4 | perl -pe 's/^(\s*)(\S)/$1- $2/' | pbcopy
(to also add hyphen bullets in the Markdown style).

A problem with space indentations is that some applications don't recognise these leading spaces as indents. Markdown editors, for example, will interpret all such lines as code.