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Is it creating ~/DoneToday.txt etc ?
Yes, I have all 3 files in my home directory

Have you clicked the Done button in DayOne to clear any active editing session and reveal any text from other entry-creating events ?
Yes, have done this. I've tried completing a task when Day One was active, and completing a task when Day One was not running. No difference-there is no entry for the completed tasks.

Have you definitely copied the whole of the script and either pointed Hazel to a file containing it, or pasted it all into Hazel's 'Embedded Script' field ?
I downloaded everything from your github page using the Download button and pointed the Hazel rule to the shell script. The script is version 0.02.

If it is creating the ~/DoneToday.txt etc files, what's in them? I wonder if there's a time zone issue which I haven't got right. I happen to be sitting here on an edge case - Greenwich Mean Time ...
The DoneToday and LoggedToday text files contain the completed tasks in the format:

cjetMpZGO96|2012-12-11|05:03|task project and task name
kWaHO1dkp49|2012-12-11|06:45|task project and task name

The JustDone text file is empty, and my time zone is Easter Standard.